Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Napoleonic Swedes - 25mm - Restoration

Remember the unit with broken standard.

I decided to repair it before selling them.

Here is the 'stump' of the problem.

I carefully cut away the standard from the broken pole.

I superglued a short piece of plastic tube in its place and I drilled out the internal hole to match the diameter of the pole.

I glued the pole into the plastic tube and glued the whole assembly to the 'stump' on the figure.

A touch of paint and varnish matches the whole thing in.

Ready for service again.

Now I just have to work out how to finish the part-painted unit. They seem to be a grenadier unit but I no longer have the notes I initially used so will have to do a little research.


  1. When Mini Figs released this range I bought a few for my armies. I think it was after I had seen the wonderful image in the Blandford book. They did wear unusual uniforms. Personally I would keep these units Jim, they are really well done.

    1. Thanks Robbie but I have too many collections and some of them will have to go.

      When my best mate died it took me almost two years to dispose of his collections. It was exhausting.

      I have even more stuff and my recent health scare has encouraged me to start that process now.

  2. Jim Duncan,

    What a superb repair job you've done. I must admit that seeing these figures has made me think about working on my own Napoleonic collection (it's months since I did!) and trying to avoid offering to buy these figures from you. I have a stack still to finish, and although a few Swedes would make a nice additional army for the collection, like you I am looking to downsize not increase my collections at present.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Bob, not the most elegant repair but it is functional.

      I have already agreed a price with an old friend so it is now just a case of completing the painting and handing the figures over.