Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Secret Project - Part Two

The Modular Magnetic Fort is all but finished.

Here it is occupied by some Frenchies despite being short of a couple of trapdoors.

A company defends the gateway.

Other companies defend elsewhere and also deploy in the courtyard.

In this shot you can see the magnetic secrets.

There is room inside and on top of the towers to deploy a few figures. Note the trapdoor for access.

 The windows can be used for observation and firing.

The view from outside.

Can you see the internal ladders in the gloom?

The main doors can be displayed open to allow troops to sally forth.

Well Guys, is it up to scratch?

What else does it need?

I plan to add a courtyard floor and a couple of missing trapdoors.

And additional towers and walls to increase the overall footprint.

I plan to equip some assaulting troops with ladders and get a game going with the fort as a prize worth fighting for.

If anyone would like a closer look place a comment on this blog. I can bring it to Border Reiver in Gateshead for some hands on access if need be. I may decide to sell this at the end of the day or even make another one.


  1. Jim,

    This is a superb model, and the use of the magnets to make it both multiuse and simple to store is innovative and inspired. Well done!

    All the best,


  2. Both the multiuse and the ease of storage were part of the original design requirement. I am grateful that Martin at Warbases has been very accommodating in providing the modified MDF sheets in such short notice.

  3. What an inspirational model Jim. I love it!

  4. Excellent! Up to scratch indeed. I also like the use of magnets to hold sections together.

  5. A splendid fort...and beautiful pictures as well!