Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Day at Claymore 2016

Yes, it's that time of year again, Claymore 2016, my local club show.

At the sharp end of the show, the Bring & Buy which is, surprise, surprise not a flea market.

Busy isn't it.

The Sports Hall

The Atrium, no shortage of traders, games and people.

I missed several nooks and crannies, sorry about that.

Here's One Fat Lardie entertaining the troops.

My favourite game of the day.

These ships are so big I can't get them all in a close-up.

Poltava heading to the gunfire.

Shikishima under gunfire.

My purchases on the day were:

20 feet of fences from Northumbria Painting Services. Not bad at £35.

28mm figure for scale.

Some more fences from Andy at Last Valley, £10.

A touch up in size but fine on the tabletop.

Some Dixon lead which will make me a unit of Coureur de Bois and some others, £10 a pack.

A log cabin by 4Ground from Colonel Bills. I'll need to apply my tarting up skills as there are a few small details I don't like about some MDF kits. £16.

A 4Ground Wagon to give me a comparison against a Warbases wagon. £5.

Some resin lumps (perfectly formed) to add a load to the wagon and clutter elsewhere. £6.

A Warbases Blockhouse to which I will apply some extreme tarting up skills (well, that's the plan). £12. (Watch this space).

Some Warbases magnets. You all know what I do with magnets. (You may be in for a surprise).

And here's a sneak preview of my next 'secret' project.

A good day all round, got home with the traditional sore feet, a bag and a box full of goodies, more money in my pocket than I started out with but expecting a digital invoice at some point.

Had long and short blethers with Jim, James, Jimmy and another Jim, a couple of Johns, too many Daves to count and all the other guys from my old club. And then there was another Jim, a Charles, a Trevor, another Trevor, Big Stu, Martin, Erik, Kev and Paul, and Michelle and Rob.

Yes, I've missed a few out.

I'll have to go and lie down now.

Here's my old pal Mikes photographs.