Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Day at Claymore 2016

Yes, it's that time of year again, Claymore 2016, my local club show.

At the sharp end of the show, the Bring & Buy which is, surprise, surprise not a flea market.

Busy isn't it.

The Sports Hall

The Atrium, no shortage of traders, games and people.

I missed several nooks and crannies, sorry about that.

Here's One Fat Lardie entertaining the troops.

My favourite game of the day.

These ships are so big I can't get them all in a close-up.

Poltava heading to the gunfire.

Shikishima under gunfire.

My purchases on the day were:

20 feet of fences from Northumbria Painting Services. Not bad at £35.

28mm figure for scale.

Some more fences from Andy at Last Valley, £10.

A touch up in size but fine on the tabletop.

Some Dixon lead which will make me a unit of Coureur de Bois and some others, £10 a pack.

A log cabin by 4Ground from Colonel Bills. I'll need to apply my tarting up skills as there are a few small details I don't like about some MDF kits. £16.

A 4Ground Wagon to give me a comparison against a Warbases wagon. £5.

Some resin lumps (perfectly formed) to add a load to the wagon and clutter elsewhere. £6.

A Warbases Blockhouse to which I will apply some extreme tarting up skills (well, that's the plan). £12. (Watch this space).

Some Warbases magnets. You all know what I do with magnets. (You may be in for a surprise).

And here's a sneak preview of my next 'secret' project.

A good day all round, got home with the traditional sore feet, a bag and a box full of goodies, more money in my pocket than I started out with but expecting a digital invoice at some point.

Had long and short blethers with Jim, James, Jimmy and another Jim, a couple of Johns, too many Daves to count and all the other guys from my old club. And then there was another Jim, a Charles, a Trevor, another Trevor, Big Stu, Martin, Erik, Kev and Paul, and Michelle and Rob.

Yes, I've missed a few out.

I'll have to go and lie down now.

Here's my old pal Mikes photographs.


  1. Yes! The 1/600 ships were the best in opinion too. It was very good show!

  2. Thanks for the photo and report, sorry to miss it this year so good to see.

  3. Nice summary Jim. The RJW game looks fantastic! Great looking fences and other terrain bits that you picked up.

  4. I like that naval game, especially because the ship models are larger.

  5. I really liked the RJW naval game. Superb 1/600 ship models.
    Really enjoyed the show - seemed busy.

  6. I'm wishing I had got the email address for the guy selling the AWI 28mm stuff.