Monday, 8 August 2016

The Secret Project - Part One

In an earlier post I alluded to a forthcoming 'secret' project and also some 'MDF tarting'. This project is no longer a secret but we'll keep the name going for a wee while yet. The 'MDF tarting' hasn't started yet but I have done a little bit of 'lateral thinking', let's see what you guys think of it.

I started with some corner towers and some walls from the Middle Eastern range of Warbases buildings.

Plan A is to build a small fort using these separate components and they come out looking like this.

Nicely scaled for 28mm although I think you could probably get away with 15mm troops as well.

The walkways are 50mm deep so there is plenty of room to place defending figures on the walls as well as the tower tops.

Historically I would have glued all these pieces together and mounted them on a baseboard and would probably have great fun attacking and defending this little fort. Once the game is over where does it go? A small fort like this is just about A4 paper size so would fit onto a reasonable sized shelf.

But, what if I wanted a bigger fort or a fort with a different shape or a fort I can change about. OK, keep the bits separate from each other.

But, but, then they keep getting knocked over and pushed out of place.

OK, so you take a corner tower like so.

And you temporarily stick a wall onto it.

And you stick another tower, temporarily to the wall.

And keep on going ...

Wait a minute, I'm missing something here. What are these shiny bits on the endwalls?

Ha, magnets, wonderful.

So all the bits and pieces stick together.

With a bit of reconfiguring you can make a city wall.

Add in a few more towers and walls and Robert is your uncle. I'll need to get some more ordered ASAP.

And when the game is over grab all the bits and stick them in a box.

Stay tuned into your favourite 'secret' project for Part Two coming up.


  1. very clever Jim - I thought I recognised you at Claymore - I should have said hi.

    1. My next show will be Border Reiver in Gateshead next month. If you are there catch me and say hello.

  2. Clever application. I also like the small footprint of the original fort.

    1. Could be even smaller if I used short walls on all four sides.

  3. Looks good and flexible and sturdy. Magnets are a very useful item for miniatures and models and customization and such, as you know well.

    1. I'm sure there are more variations waiting to be discovered.

  4. Great stuff - that is a clever idea and well worth stealing.

    1. I like it. I am in the process of adding some plasticard details before a plaster wash.