Monday, 1 February 2016

Vapnartak 2016

I'll be driving down to York this coming Sunday. Why, you all ask?

Vapnartak, of course.

I hope it's not like this.

It should be like this.

I will have to be up by at least 5am, have my first round of medication, get washed and dressed and have breakfast, have second round of medication, fill the car up with assorted buddies and head south by 6am.

Weather permitting we should arrive around 10am to catch the show opening, should be free entry for an old codger like myself. Purchase plans include a copy of British Grenadier from Caliver, some plastic AWI from whoever, some AWI metal from Kallistra and some magnetic things from Trevor Holland.

Vapnartak in York is a great show for meeting up with some of my English friends who think York is way up North, bless them. I dare say I will bump into a few Scotsmen while I'm there, can't get away from them at all.

Will I meet any of my blogfriends while I am there? Who knows. Catch me if you can.

We should be leaving just after lunch so that the drive back up North is in as much daylight as possible. The Southern (Rebel) Haggis get a bit twitchy on the border as darkness approaches.