Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Sheep, a Sheep, a Kingdom for a Sheep

Well, I got myself a sheep.

Actually I got more than one.

Wait a minute, I'm sure I got more than two.

Sorry, no, there's more.

Nope, more!

Keep going.

Any more?

What's that? Is it a black sheep?

No, it's Angus, he's a bull.

Sheep. £1 a pair from Irregular Miniatures.

Great service, quick delivery, cost effective, customers are flocking to them (intentional pun).


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You girl, tha-a-at's ve-e-ery nice of ewe.

  2. This post almost put me to sleep (just kidding)

    Nice flock. Is there some sheep raiding in the offing?

  3. Counting them ... Zzzzzzzz , Tony

  4. Flockin' marvelous (I'll get me coat).

  5. Well, I've heard the expression 'Breeding like rabbits', but multiplying like sheep is a new one on me. Sheep rustling scenario anyone?

    1. I blame the Welsh who will blame the English.

  6. Replies
    1. I needed a few for my own games, Dux Brittaniarum etc. and I had also done a small commission for farmyard animals for a friend which didn't include any white woolly sheep so I got twenty quids worth, less postage and a highland coo so that made thirty odd sheep.

      I've since sold a dozen to said friend so I have plenty left my own purposes.

      I've had one suggestion that uses sheep as 'shaken' markers, that's maybe a go-er.