Monday, 18 August 2014

Work In Progress - 12mm Napoleonics

I have based up a few of the figures already painted and here is how they look so far.

Two battalions of French infantry in column screened by a light battalion approach some British in line.

I copped out a bit and decided to go for a close match to Neil Thomas' Napoleonic rules. Most units have four bases and can therefore model columns, squares and lines. A basic army in these rules is 8 units so this is a good start.

A base has a frontage of 40mm, close order with 8 figures is 40mm deep and skirmish troops have 4 figures and are 20mm deep.

The units are shown here on Hexon II tiles which are 100mm across the flat but the rules do not need hexes although I may compose a hex variant.

This system does not allow me to easily represent a French style 3 deep line and a British style 2 deep line but I'm not too upset about that. I have to make compromises somewhere.

Here are some cavalry on their painting sticks. Two units of British Light Dragoons and one of French Dragoons waiting on some more paint.

 The painting style is black undercoat dry-brushed white then colour added where appropriate. Since these are 12mm figures and I am applying the 'four foot rule' I'm not going to spend too much time adding detail.

One of my painting sources is Funcken, good enough for me.

Here is my available working space at the moment, a 2 foot by 3 foot corner of my 12 foot by 4 foot table. Neil Thomas' rules only need about 4 foot square so I'm living in hope of getting a game soon.

Keep on watching, painting these units is my top priority at the moment.

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