Saturday, 2 August 2014

Claymore 2014 - early report

Am just back from Claymore 2014, had a nap and me tea and counted some pennies.

My feet are screaming at me.

I was running a stall in support of my friends charitable donation.

The penny sum came to £1165 and some pennies or was it £1156 and some pennies. I'll have to count it again and my feet are saying 'do that tomorrow'.

I also took a few pictures but I'll do them tomorrow too!

Hope you can all wait a bit longer.


  1. Very nice score, Jim. Waiting for some pictures as I haven't done any... Any way is this Rapid Fire supplement gone? If not I will be still interested.

  2. Hi Bart, I was pleased with the money number too!

    The Rapid Fire collection has probably gone but I will check. I took 4 large boxes of books in and only brought half a box out.

    If it is gone I'll check my own stuff for you, I may have the Russian Supplement somewhere.

    I think I am about to decide to get rid of my 1/72nd WW2 stuff and concentrate on 10mm instead. That will mean my Rapid Fire rules etc become redundant.

  3. Will be great. I'm looking for the second supplement. Anyway, you can play Rapid Fire with 10mm as well ;)

  4. Bart, the Rapid Fire stuff has all gone.

    I also do not have the Second Supplement.

    I've checked my immediate playing chums and they do not have it either.

    Sorry, can't help any more with that.

    I am planning to develop a webfriends WW2 rules with my 10mm stuff which are conceptually quite different from Rapid Fire but yes I could do, and have done so already, play Rapid Fire in scales other 1/72nd.

    I'm also more interested in minimising in some way my extensive collections to avoid the situation where someone else has to sort out my stuff when I've gone and take forever to do so. I'll still have a lot left.

  5. Sorry I missed you at the show Jim - I had a bit of a chat with Hugh. Great result on the charity front. Another good show I thought.

    I am also thinking of getting into 10mm WW2 and modern, although probably in a relatively small way to start

    1. Hi Dave

      I think I glimpsed you from behind, at a distance, very briefly, or maybe it was Tom Cruise. No, it can't have been Tom Cruise, he told me has was going straight to the pub!

      Hugh is a great lad, I don't think I would have got as far as I have with the charitable donation without the fantastic support that Hugh has given me.

      Keep an eye on my blog. I'm hoping to start some genuine thinking about how I want my 10mm WW2 battles to look. I'll probably go with hexes, Hexon II or Heroscape, multiple figure bases with markers or single figures; platoons, companies, battalions or brigades? I think my head will hurt for a while, make a change from my feet.

  6. A terrific effort Jim,well done sir.It was good chat yesterday too.

    1. And it was good to chat with you too Alan.

      I felt a bit claustrophobic in my little alcove but I did manage to escape for a few minutes several times for a breather and a glimpse at the show.

      I'll maybe catch you again at Kirriemuir or perhaps Forfar.