Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ruined Cottage and Barn

I finished off a pair of part-built ruined buildings that I had found amongst my chums stuff.

A cottage

and a barn.

They are cast in fairly thick plastic, possibly resin, the maker is unknown. Size-wise they are useable with 15mm or 20mm figures.

I strengthened up some of the joins and added ridge tiles made from thin card ( a business card) covered in superglue. I also beefed up the base which was thin card (cereal packet) with some stiffer card and added some scenic terrain items with household filler (spackle), some strips of balsa and some resin bricks.

The figure here is a 1/72nd Valiant Miniature or 20mm if you like. Note the hand painted 'Resistance' poster.

I think they look quite nice, modesty prevents me from mentioning the 'cool' paintjob and these will be on sale at Claymore unless one of my chums snaps them up first. I would price them at £20 each or £30 the pair if you are quick.

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