Friday, 25 July 2014

Invisible Town Found

How many times during a game set up in a built-up area have you lost track and sight of one of your figures?

Watch 'Old Gummy' disappear' out of sight backing down this alley.


... going ...

... gone.

All you can do is stand up and see if you can find him again.

Where is he ...

... here he is.

Now, if you are like me you'll have knocked over your pint, dropped your dice or put your back out.

There must be a better way.

Here is my solution.

Transparent buildings!

OK, I know I said 'invisible' but it made a better headline!!

Old Gummy backs away, I can still see him.

No hiding place (cue memories of an old TV program).

Such a simple idea. Draw a simple building, in outline, print out on overhead transparency acetate sheets, cut and glue, et voila!

Such a good idea made me build a whole town.

There's the Western Bank, very rob-able.

The Grand Hotel.

Gunsmith and Telegraph Office.

Funeral Parlour and General Store.

Some of the graphics are a bit 'bitsy', I did this several generations of software ago, (80's).

OK, I'll stop 'rabbiting' on now.

I found this 'Invisible Town' in my loft a few days ago. It's been there for twenty plus years. I wonder if it will ever be seen again :)


  1. All you need now is a gun fighter with pointed ears.

    1. I have acquired a box of about 50 gunfighters. I'll need to inspect each one now.

  2. makes real sense of the term 'ghost town'. Now for some invisible hills and invisible troops - hang on - that's called daydreaming.

  3. That is one lovely idea, Jim!!!

    1. It needs to be brought up to date, I had this idea such a long time ago.

      Can you picture a transparent 3D building made with laser-cut acrylic sheet. I'll need to speak to some of my contacts in the trade.

  4. Very cool, I could "see" it being used for futuristic terrain.

    1. The 'visibility' problem is not period specific but the building aesthetics suit a more futuristic setting.