Monday, 7 July 2014

British Tommies 1944/45

One of the part finished (actually very much barely started) collections I found amongst my recently deceased best friends figures was a box of 1/72nd WW2 British Infantry by Valiant Miniatures.

He had started a few of the figures with a view to having a platoon ready to use with Chain of Command which we had both bought.

Chain of Command is a brilliant ruleset so I thought it would be a good idea the finish off the platoon by making up the rest of the figures and painting them to a standard that Iain would be proud of.

I finally made up a complete infantry platoon comprising HQ and three rifle sections (Corporal, Bren team and Rifle team) plus a few supports i.e. 3" mortar, Vickers medium machine gun, medical orderly, anti-tank gun etc.

I'll let the following pictures tell the rest of the story. These figures will be up for sale soon through my usual contacts. They are based on steel pennies so can be handily stored in a magnetic based box.