Friday, 8 December 2017

December Update

Well, that's the Carolingians and the Swedes finally off to their new homes in the Kingdom of Fife as well some more Gallic Celts to a chum across Edinburgh.

I have a continuing commission to produce some more Gallic Celts so am moving to finish off some skirmish bow and maybe another warband then maybe a commander or two like Vercingetorix or Eataweetabix.

Another first for me will be some BEF for a chum, some carriers, some 2 pounders and a few useless tanks.

Meanwhile my medical team tell me I have a massive tumour on my left kidney. Hope they don't interrupt my painting schedule too much. Last time I spoke to them they seemed awfully young.

Once they are done I hope to get my massive collection of Warhammer Epic Space Marines ready for sale. I hope to get to Vapnartak in February weather and surgeons permitting.