Saturday 13 May 2017

My Day at Carronade 2017

Scotland's biggest and best wargames show drew me and a chum to Falkirk this morning. We arrived a wee bit early but we were allowed in and I made my way to my booked flea market table.

I didn't have much to sell and selling was incredibly slow but I did manage to move a couple of units of Caesarian Romans and an AWI unit.

I did not manage to sell my Roman Villa or a few units of WSS infantry and a gun although everyone said they were beautifully done. There's always the next show.

After a quick refuel of chips and a burger I mosied around a bit talking to quite a few chums before splashing some cash on the traders.

I got some brushes for £4.40.

I'll find out how they work next week.

Hope they keep their points.

I am hoping to build up my Teutonic Order collection to use with To The Strongest so I bought some more Teutonic Order Knights.

Some Hungarian Knights

And some Serbian Knights

And some Turkish Sipahis which I hope to convert into Turcopoles.

Next up were some British infantry for my FIW collection from that nice man at Crann Tara. The nice man didn't have all the figures I was after but he offered to post them on, free of charge, as soon as possible. What a nice man. Can everyone go and say 'hello' to the nice man, he's called Graham.

Meanwhile, back at Pendraken I snapped up an army pack of Achaemenid Persians to act as opponents to my other armies.

Some 40x20x2's from Warbases.

And, Finally, a Roman Stone Granary by Warbases which won't be very Roman by the time I am finished with it.

Keep an eye on this blog as I will post further developments.

Finally, finally, a big thanks to the Falkirk guys who run a smooth operation for the best of the Scottish shows.


  1. Glad you had a good day Jim

  2. Nice Jim. I have just been doing some Kallistra Norman Cavalry and decided to abandon the 40 x 20 bases that come with the blister and instead ordered 40 x 25's from them. You just get a bit more breathing space so that the line doesn't need to be too neat and tidy.

    1. I understand where you are coming from but I already have a substantial number of armies and figures based on 40x20's so am sort of committed.

  3. Sorry I missed you Jim, as I am still looking for AWI figs.. :-) I shopped wisely at the flea market, and Lieutenant Sorbet and the trusty Sergeant Cassoulet of the Legion will march or die.

    1. Hi Doug

      I have a close chum who is taking all my AWI output at the moment.

      I'll let you know when any more come up.

    2. Appreciate that Jim... though I am one of those difficult characters who likes to paint, and generally buys unpainted stuff. Next time I will wear something distinctive so you know to say hello

  4. I do tend to agree about it being the best show.. I was looking for stuff at the flea market, but it seems I left it too late, AWI, Napoleonic and Colonial... missed.. arrghhh!

    1. Let me know more of what you want and I'll see if I can get to it after Claymore is out of the way.