Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Well not quite but I just watched this on YouTube and it sort of fits ... well maybe not.

Back in the real world of wargaming I have just finished a unit of 'riders', Pendraken variety. I wanted a fourth unit of Undead Cavalry for my Warmaster Undead collection. Prices are ridiculous on various auction sites £10, £15, £20+ for a pack that originally cost a fiver.

The originals look like this.

The 'new' Pendraken Undead Riders start off looking like this.

A touch of Milliput and a splash of paint makes them look like this.

These cost £4.50. Good deal?   I think so.

Here's them both together.

How did I do?

I must get some more of these. (Hopefully at Border Reiver coming up soon).