Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ersatz Empire Knights

I have a Warmaster Empire collection.

Their best troops are the Knights.

Here is one stand of them, you need three stands to make a unit.

I acquired these secondhand unpainted as part of an army sized box for £45 which was a bargain indeed. I know a friend recently sold a similar sized army for £150.

I like bargains.

Being a true wargamer I want more.

On various auction sites these sort of figures go for £15, £20, £25+ per unit not including postage. I would be reluctant to pay that sort of money. In fact I wouldn't pay that sort of money at all.

I bought a box of Kallistra Teutonic Knights.

They look like this unpainted.

Painted as Teutonic Knights they look like this.

Not quite what I was looking for but a little bit of clipping, a touch of filing, a modicum of drilling, some baling wire, a drizzle of milliput and a paintjob they look like this.

How did I do?

A bit of a transformation, do you agree?

Now, back to the bargains.

If I were to aspire to having, say four more units of Empire Knights I would expect to pay around £100 on an auction site, plus postage and assuming availability and lack of competition.

I bought three blister packs of Teutonic Knights from Kallistra. These will give me four units of knights once modified as above and will have cost me £15.

That's a bargain!