Thursday, 11 June 2015

And The Dead Shall Rise Again

I've finished rebasing my Warmaster Undead Army, Tomb Kings to be precise.

Here they are:

Well over 2000 points worth of, ehm, bones, just bones.

The Monsters, two Sphinxes and two Bone Giants.

Slow in movement but hard to kill, you don't want any of these to get on your flanks.

Mind you they are bad enough attacking you anywhere.

Bone Throwers. These are a pain to rank up as the bone bows are way too wide for the bases.

Skull Chuckers, the heavy artillery of the Undead world.

Undead Archers, death in the shadow of their arrows.

You don't want the enemy to get close to these, they can be fragile in close combat.

Undead Spearmen

These can also be raised from corpses on the battlefield.

Chariots, the main striking force.

Undead Cavalry

Handy as a follow-up force to the chariots.


Flighty but fragile.

These can also be a 'bustard' to rank up. Look at my cunning solution.

The Commanders, a motley crew of Liche Priests and Heroes.

They must be height conscious as they always seem to be standing up on a little mound.

Not content with a little mound, these guys are magical in their elevation.

These are the most conscious of their high positions, they take to the air on their Zombie mounts.

There's been a lot of drilling and pinning behind the scenes (actually under the bones) of these models as they are prone to accidents.

Both wings are pinned as well as the priests spear (very fragile they are)

Now, all they need is some static grass on their bases. Anyone know what is the latest Undead fashion in static grass?