Friday, 19 December 2014

Warlord Games - Hanoverians

My box of Warlord Games Hanoverians arrived this morning (Friday). I thought that was pretty good going, I placed the order online late on Monday evening and they came through the letterbox early this morning, not bad going for the Christmas rush. Postage was only £2 as well making £22 in total.

The box is certainly colourful with an artists impression of a unit in march column.

The back of the box has a few useful words and a picture of a completed unit showing what you actually get in the box.

Inside you get another bundle of words, which are quite useful.

Unfortunately the colours are on the back so make sure you read them all before cutting out your desired flags.

There are six sprues identical to the one I posted about earlier. This will give you 30 rank and file figures which can all be made unique by careful selection of heads, angle of heads and choice of back packs.

You also get a bag of metal figures.

These turn out to be the unit officer on foot, another figure which might be another officer (I need to inspect it more closely), a pair of standard bearers (different poses), a drummer and a sapper.

These figures are also headless, a variety are included (you could also use spare heads from the plastic sprues), a pair of steel flagpoles and a pair of finials. So a bit of drilling and modelling skills are required and some superglue.

Here's a reminder of how the freebie sprue turned out.

I'm reconsidering how I painted these figures. I may have to touch up the white straps and lace depending on how the rest of the unit turns out. When I paint them I may leave out the 'white' parts, varnish and ink the figures then add the white parts and varnish them again.

Given the current state of my painting queue (20 bases of 10mm Napoleonics waiting on varnish and flock, a unit of Perry French Infantry half painted, a unit of Perry Dragoons (mounted and foot) glued up and waiting for paint, two 'mystery' gunboats and a partridge in a pear tree) it may be January before I can start.

Can you guys wait a bit?