Saturday, 13 December 2014

Mystery Ship(s)

A recent rummage through my lead pile produced a pair of ships whose origin I have forgotten.

It appears to be a river gunboat due to its low freeboard. Going by the turret style it can't be ACW and since it seems to be additionally armed with a single high angle small calibre gun late WW1 or perhaps Inter-War is the likely period.

The hull is a smidgin and a half over 6 inches long and an inch and several smidgins wide and bears no manufacturers mark or code number. (155mm by 30mm)

It does not fit any of my prospective periods except perhaps RCW (on a very far away back burner). I wonder why I acquired it!

Can anyone enlighten me with additional information?

I have a second one still in its original plastic bag, stapled shut with no label or price.