Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Spencer Smith Frontages

Following on from some discussion on the Old School Wargaming forum I present the following information on frontages suitable for Spencer Smith figures.

The question discussed 'is 0.5" OK for a figure frontage' in respect to Charge.

As you can see a 20mm frontage gives this ACW unit a slightly spaced out look. In my mind this is fine for ACW.

As you can see the figures could be closed up a little bit!

The base depth of 20mm is also fine for these figures although you have to make sure the forward thrusting bayonet is at an angle to avoid the figure in fronts backpack.

You can see that an 0.5" frontage is a little bit tight for these figures.

Some judicious filing of the bases could make them fit. The figures look pretty well shoulder to shoulder.

0.5" as a base depth is a non-starter for these figures. No amount of filing will help here.

As far as I know the Spencer Smith Classic range are produced in the same fashion as the ACW figures above. I would expect their frontages to be much the same.

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