Saturday, 15 September 2012

Leuchars Airshow 2012 - part two

Just back from Leuchars, burnt to a crisp. Who says Scotland doesn't see the sun!

Will put some pictures up tomorrow although I don't have many good ones.

Score for the day was:

Red Arrows - 7 (only 7 displayed after 9 had arrived and only 8 left later on)

SE5a - 2 (it was overtaken in the strong breeze by a passing crow)

B52 - 1 (flew (lumbered) over the airfield and left after a single pass)

 Meteor - 9 (zoomed all over the sky like a fighter, sorry it IS a fighter!!)

Vulcan - 10 (zoomed all over the sky like a fighter)

Everything else was probably a 3 except maybe the Chinook which did things that helicopters can't do and so scored a creditable 9!!


  1. Jim
    Will this be the last show at Leuchars as the RAF are moving out next year?
    Saw a vulcan at a show in the 1970s - the ground shook when it went over - great!

  2. Hi Bill

    The BBC quote the following;

    "A crowd of about 35,000 people was attending what will be one of the last Leuchars flying festivals.

    The station is set to become an Army base, with its Typhoons leaving for RAF Lossiemouth in 2013."

    I haven't seen anything more explicit anywhere else!