Friday, 3 January 2020

WSS Brandenberg Regiment

My first completed unit of the year.

Brandenberg Regiment from the War of the Spanish Succession. (Some artistic licence enabled)

I acquired the figures almost by accident at a local bring & buy costing me the grand total of £8.

The figures are Front Rank and normally retail at around £1.25 or £1.30 each.

The bag included 4 mounted figures which I will probably expand into a full unit.

They are now destined for a charity sale later this year unless someone contacts me privately.

Bases by Warbases, flags by Warflags, based for BLB.


  1. Replies
    1. The bargain buy allowed me to try some figures which I had not used before.

      They worked out great. And, if they sell I get to make a suitable charitable donation.

  2. Great score on the bring and buy. Nice looking unit.

    1. I usually keep an eye on the B&B's but my chum is a bit sharper and he often grabs a good deal before I see it.