Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Beast from the East

Where I live we never get snow.

Well, not quite never but I did buy a snow shovel that last time it snowed here in 2010 and I never used it until today.

First thing after breakfast I shovelled a path to the wargames hut. Essential work.

By lunchtime I had also cleared the front garden path to make it easier to reach my car.

I cleared the car too but then it started snowing again.

After lunch I cleared the path to the wargames hut again, then the front garden path and then the car again.

Clearing the car again was deemed to be essential as I was due to meet my Consultant Urologist for a wee chat that afternoon but being weather wise we decided not to travel taking advice from TV, Radio and On-Line sources as well as family and neighbours who had been out on the roads already.

As it happened the Consultant phoned me at home and we discussed where we are.

It seems I am clear of cancer. I am still due to have some scans and some blood tests, just to be sure otherwise I am free to get on with the rest of my life. So, once this snow gets out the way I can get on with my hobby work in the wargames hut.

Meanwhile it is still snowing. I checked the car again.

Yup, I'll have to clear the car again but that can wait until tomorrow.

Apologies to my continental readers who are accustomed to dealing with metres of snow and not the piddly inch and a bit we have here. Like I said it never snows here.