Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Portable Wargame - The Paintjob

In my project haste I managed to take the various painting stage photographs in poor light.

Here is another collection which hopefully shows the various stages in a brighter light.

I selected a few more figures from the Pendraken Army Pack. Sharp eyes will see a few different figures here.

Another four rank and file figures and four command figures.

A close-up shows a great deal of detail on these figures, great sculpts.

Here comes my trusty number 3 paintbrush, a veteran in its own right.

Paint the entire figure except for the top of the head and the base white. I use acrylic paint from a variety of manufacturers.

I now switch to a number 1 brush, in better condition than number 3 but still a veteran.

Paint the tricorn and the hair, especially at the back of the head and the wigs of the officers black but no lower than the top of the jacket.

Paint the drummers coat blue.

Paint the faces a flesh colour.

Paint the shoulder strap, satchel and the scabbard a buff colour.

Paint the cuffs blue, the same blue as the drummers jacket.

Paint the officers sashes and the drummers cuffs red.

Paint the muskets, pole-arms and flag-staffs brown.

Paint the hands flesh.

Paint officers gorgets and the drummers drum gold.

Paint a touch of white in top of the drum, paint the drum rim red, paint the drumsticks black.

That's the painting almost done.

Mix up a wash of 3 parts water and 3 part soft tone. I use Army Painter acrylic washes.

Paint the wash over the entire figure, don't let it pool.

Notice how the wash adds a subtle shading effect to the figure.

Finally if you don't think that these figures are 10mm check this out.

This is what a decent painter can do with them.


  1. Great work Squire. You make it look easy.

  2. Jim, is that wash ratio of 3:3 right?

    1. Yes, although I should have said 1:1.

      3 drops of water and 3 drops of soft tone is just the right quantity to do the 8 figures in that particular batch.

  3. I only asked, because I thought you meant a 3:1.

    After having done several mixes of differing ratios, none of which I have really liked, I have just done a 1:1 for some Union cavalry, fingers crossed as they are still drying.

    1. The 1:1 ratio with Soft Tone is what I use on light coloured uniforms (in this case white) and it provides a subtle finish which doesn't overpower the lighter colours but still picks up any raised detail on the casting.

      I have used 1:1 with Dark Tone on red and blue uniforms which produces a similar effect without darkening the red and blue too much.

      These ratios are designed for 10mm figures. You might want to experiment with other ratios for larger figures.