Thursday, 8 September 2016

Just For You Mr Kinch

I am often a patient man but occasionally I get impatient. I want to get to the end product ASAP.

Sometimes that is not possible so here is a little view of the future.

Remember the Magnetic Modular Fort?


It was made with some corner towers like this one.

And some long walls like this.

And some short walls like this.

One of the short walls is actually a gateway.

Get them all together.

A bit closer please!

There you go, that is the Magnetic Modular Fort, Mark One.

Now if you had a double depth, double width corner tower like this.

And swapped out one of the smaller corner towers you could do this.

And if you had a building like this.

And another long wall you could do this.

Swap out one of the corner towers again.

Pause for a second while you look at this double depth wall tower.

If you add a couple of those you could do this.

What? Not enough height. Try this.

Can anyone see where this is going?

I can't, it could go on forever.

Next up, adding details and the final finishes.