Saturday, 23 July 2016

Crew Call

Recently I have been previewing various items from the Warbases product line and I have become a little bit stuck so I put these aside for a while.

I am short of crew(s).

Let me explain.

This is their gallows. I added a hang mans noose made from a bit of twisted wire.

Yes, the trap door opens.

This little switch operates the trap door, assuming you don't glue it shut by accident.

Here's a 28mm figure for scale.

This is Madame Guillotine.

Note the lifting rope I added (from twisted wire).

And a 28mm figure for scale.

And a real war machine, the Trebuchet.

Ropes made from twisted copper wire and ballast in the counter-weight from gravel.

This is a big beast but then I've seen a real one and it was a big beast too!

You will have cottoned on by now that I do not have suitable crew figures for these great little kits.

Building them was easy but crewing them is proving a little more difficult. This is where I need your help.

For the Gallows I obviously need a hang man and a dangling corpse and maybe a priest with prayerbook.

Madame Guillotine would be enhanced with a headless French fop, his detached head, a Revolutionary executioner and maybe another fop in waiting.

The Trebuchet, perhaps, a few Medieval engineer types, nationality not critical.

I look forward to your many and varied suggestions.