Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Day at Carronade 2016

Yesterday I visited one of the best of the Scottish shows, Carronade in Falkirk.

I ran, with the help of a couple of friends, a trade stand some of which was in support of charity.

After a slow start we did manage to clear away a fair bit of the goodies that we had on view raising about £140 for charity, £20 of which went to a neighbouring charity stand in support of Motor Neuron Disease and another £20 to the Falkirk Club for their own charity so about £100 was added to the Combat Stress fund.

I also sold a few of my own un-needed items which went towards my AWI project, my 10mm WW2 project and my new Sharp Practice project.

The AWI project saw the addition of 6 packs of Kallistra British regulars at £30.

My 10mm WW2 project gained some MDF buildings from the Pendraken (or was it Minibits) Bargain Box, £42 worth discounted down to a tenner.

My new Sharp Practice project saw the purchase of the new edition of the rules at £25 (holiday reading).

I also snapped up a unit of French infantry for the French and Indian Wars which I could sneak into my AWI project as well. The figures are by Crann Tara and cost me £30 on the day.

Finally my supplies section received support from Magnetic Displays at £8.

A nice but exhausting day out so I'm sure all of you will not mind that I'm off to the Sunshine State next weekend. A month in the sun, no kids, no family, no wargames, no problem.