Sunday, 10 January 2016

I Have Nothing To Say

Keeping in line with a recent T-Shirt conversation here is one which I should purchase.

Actually I probably have quite a lot to say but now is not the time.

I am quite busy, painting another Old Guard unit, some Union Cavalry, a WSS British Guard unit, making some Heroscape streams and bridges, reading a book on the AWI, emailing a Spanish flag making company about an error on their products and generally guddling about.

I have identified all the shows in 2016 that I plan to attend including Crisis in Antwerp (and we are taking our women), booked a months vacation in the Sunshine State for a much needed dose of Vitamin D.

How is everyone else?

What shows will I bump into you at?

Candidates are Albanich, Vapnartak, Carronade, Claymore, Border Reiver, SKELP, Battleground, Targe and Crisis.