Friday, 2 October 2015

Three Wheels On My Wagon

And am still rolling along...

More like Three Weeks (of my life I'll never see again)

Where have I got to?

Well, temperature - normal
Appetite - normal
Bowel movements - normal
Weight - still at least half a stone lighter than I was
Energy levels - fairly low
Lead Mountain - just as heavy as it was

Here's what I need to progress.

This is as far I have got with my Warband High Elves, 1 unit of Cavalry, 1 unit of Archers.

My Warband Barbarians, destined to also be Pseudo-Orcs for Warmaster. 1 unit of Bison Riders and 3 units of Warriors.

My Warband Undead, 1 unit of Riders and 3 units of Warriors (inked and varnished right after this photograph)

I'm trying to pull together all the figures for the original Heroquest game. I'm almost there and I tihnk I have the box and board and playing pieces somewhere. I hope to complete it and sell it for charity.

Over one hundred Dungeon Adventurers and Denizens (mostly Citadel and a few Ral Partha and RAFM) which I also hope to sell for charity. I have one interested party already but I am open to offers.

Two battalions of 28mm Napoleonics which have to be finished for a big game at XMAS.

Forty odd 54mm WW2 British Infantry. I have stalled on these as I am not happy with their appearance. They will be a charity sale in due course.

My Warmaster Empire Army, not quite finished. Will be looking to sabot it as a proxy Warband army.

My Warmaster Undead Army. I need to investigate sabots to fit my Warband Undead Army.

My Warmaster unpainted pile, mostly High Elves, some Empire, a few Undead.

My Kallistra Teutonic Army. Set up for Hordes & Heroes and also Warmaster Ancients. They could be another proxy Warband army. I have just as many Kallistra Normans somewhere in the man-hut.

I picked up, cheaply, a few sprues of Saurus Warriors and Skinks. They'll go on sale at some point again for charity.

A box of BNIB Kallistra medievals, they'll get done sometime soon.

As above, another box of BNIB Kallistra medievals.

What have I missed out, absolute tons.

ACW in 6mm, 15mm, 28mm and 30mm.

WW2 in 10mm and 20mm.

I'm frightened to dig any deeper.

So, here we are, Friday evening. Just seen the All Blacks struggle a bit. I hope South Africa struggles a bit more and Australia struggles a bit less.

After all that is sorted out I have a rest day then a blood test on Monday morning and then a trip to the Infirmary on Thursday to have my gallbladder whipped out. Some way to go then before I'm normal all round. (fat chance I hear some say)   :)