Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Can't See the Wood for the Trees

While rummaging through my drawers ...

I found some Warbases regimental trays,

a few small coins of the Realm,

some scraps of plasticard,

and a bag of small trees I had recently traded (thanks Tim).

I thought that I could do something constructive with them.

I cut up the plasticard into small octogons a little bit smaller than a penny. I drilled small holes through the middle and glued the tree trunks into them. I stuck them on the pennies.

I then textured the bases and painted them greenish.

I also textured the regimental trays and painted them greenish too!

Putting them altogether looked like this.

A little small for 28mm.

A little large for 6mm.

Just fine for 15mm.

Oh Oh!

My wargames hut is getting untidy again.

Several batches of work in progress, 54mm WW2 British Infantry, 28mm Warlord Hanoverian Infantry, some Commanders and some Men of Rohan.


  1. OK, now you have made me hunt Ebay for Fruit Trees! Found some at a good price, so they will go on the "to purchase" list as well as some Fat Frank's Terrain desert roads in 20-28mm.

    1. Good for you.

      Now get yourself a blog and let us see what you have done with them.

  2. Trees look great.What gaming project are the 54 mm chaps for?

    1. Like I said, I had all the bits to hand, it was just a case of putting them together.

      The 54mm Brits are just another of Iains unfinished projects. They'll be up for sale at Claymore.

  3. Hey, don't blame me if your wargames room is full of junk. Anyway, you should see mine....

    1. No Tim, it's not junk, it's perfectly useful hobby stuff, or at least it will be when I finish sorting it all out!

  4. Nice Orchards - I think they look better for 10mm

    Your Hut looks positively tidy compared to my shed

    1. I made up another 4 sets of trees last night, I could maybe do Hougomont if I had a chateau.

      The hut is due a big TIDY after Claymore which is in August.