Thursday, 12 February 2015

Muddling On

I have made a little progress with some work-in-hand as I recover from a short period of illness.

I flocked the bases of some French Napoleonic infantry.

Now they just need a tricolour.

I made an additional 4 free standing figures for rulesets that require skirmishers to be deployed out of close order.

En Avant Mes Enfants.

A battalion of Hanoverians await some white paint.

I have painted and based the first 5 units of Union troops from my recent purchase from Baccus.

The rules supplied by Baccus are Polemus and they recommend an infantry unit is modelled on a 60x30mm base.

I would want to use these same figures with other rulesets such as Longstreet or On To Richmond so I made each Polemus base out of three 20mm square bases magnetically attached to the 60x30 sub-base.

A 10 stand Longstreet unit would look like this.

Here's how they look flocked.

From behind you can see where I will place the unit name and any other markers required by various rulesets.

Finally, and Thankfully my recent Muddling About, making extra shelves, reboxing some figures and generally tidying up has allowed one of my 6x4 tables to be cleared enough for gaming.

Woo Hoo!