Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Ruined Ruined Church

I picked up a joblot of bits and pieces the other day. There was a Ruined Church in amongst it and I thought it would be an easy job to tart it up and make it presentable. (I was feeling optimistic at the time).

Here, have look, it's got potential hasn't it?

The pieces were made of a material not unlike Plaster of Paris. It was a bit crumbly and dusty so I gave it a coat (actually three) of acrylic varnish to seal the surface.

Look more closely at the brickwork. You can see where a previous owner has destroyed the brick pattern and has perhaps tried to cover it up with flock. I have scraped away the flock, which was bio-degrading and patched up the bricks with a veneer of Milliput.* Even then I have squished it a bit inadvertently, I'll fix that later.


The building came in three parts and I had to pin and glue them as I thought that the joins would be stronger that way. The joining surfaces did not meet very well so I filled the residual gaps with more Milliput.

This is a bad join, quite wide, and has been filed at an angle in its history. I have pinned this joint too, you can see the glue, a mixture of impact adhesive and super glue gel. I added a wedge of milliput through which one of the pins passes. I'll fill the gap later with more Milliput and add brickwork detail.

This angled shot shows the increasing width of the gap. I think the previous owner was a dab hand with a file but knew nothing about right angles and perpendicular and all that.

This arched window is a bit peculiar on the inside, I may do something about that.

The end wall is pretty well clear of paint, has it been stripped I wonder? The stonework pattern is fairly irregular but maybe that will add character to the church once it is finished.

Now, to finish on a positive note: here is the Warbases bridge mentioned in my last post. I have textured the roadway, painted it and added a few tufts.

What do you think?

* Milliput is a two part epoxy putty and is available world-wide.


  1. Ah, excellent bridge work! Looks much better than he stark dark joins.
    I'm sure you will get that ruined ruined church up to snuff as a proper ruin in due time.

  2. Nice job on the church...and I love this bridge!