Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wargames Illustrated - Issue 1

Next up in my 'finds' from my old chums collections are magazines.

First up were 60 or 70 very early issues on White Dwarf starting with number 9. I sold these very quickly for a reasonable fee to another chum before I could even scan the front pages for a blog entry.

The next box was a pile of early Wargames Illustrated starting at number 1 and stretching to number 27 with only a couple missing. I wonder what their market value is? Any takers?

Penultimately a book which I am sure I have read before but I'll read it anyway. Who was that Monty chap again?

Lastly, I have an enormous pile of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books. These will have to wait until I have sufficient energy to assess them. I think I need a +1 to my Constitution.