Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dungeons and Dragons

Yet another little find amongst my old chums bits and pieces.

A relatively anonymous white box, slightly bigger than A5 sized, about as heavy as a paperback book so I knew it didn't have metal figures in it as I rattled it a bit to shake off the dust and stour.

Dungeons and Dragons it said on the lid. I remember them. I partied down a dungeon or two in my earlier years at the club. I was surprised that Iain had this as we always had used Advanced Heroquest whenever he or I hosted a dungeon adventure.

Never mind, lets have a look inside. The lid said a 3 volume set.

Yes, 3 booklets, all in very good order. Dated 1974 so these are the original set.


Three supplements, all from the same time period and the Reference Sheets.

So this is a very complete set of the original Dungeons and Dragons rules, in very good condition, owners name in ink in a few locations and several notes in pencil here and there.

I can see that these are on offer on sites such as eBay for silly money, £75 a booklet or so. I wonder what they really sell for. I would be open to a sensible offer. All proceeds to Combat Stress.


  1. Sir,

    A good way to valuate this item is to go through this site:

    specifically this link:

    ...and you should be able to sort out what the "actual" value would be. Given that it is a charity sale you might offer it up to the folks on that particular 'site's forum as well.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion about the ACAEUM site.

      I would hope to be able to process all of the collections, figures, books and rules through the local network of clubs and shows, hopefully to gamers who knew my friend.

    2. God bless you. You're a champion!