Monday, 29 July 2013

All Quiet on the ... Saxon Shore

Things have been quiet here on the wargaming front recently. Distractions at the sporting level and unseasonally good weather have stopped all play in the wargames hut.

However, things are still moving in the background.

I recently purchased Dux Britanniarum by the Two Fat Lardies and have been nibbling away at creating forces for a game.

I'm trying to collect suitable figures, on the cheap, and will report as such in a later post.

Meanwhile, here is what I'm supposed to be doing.


  1. A (reasonably) cheap option is to do the Viking/Saxon variant from one of the Lardies' specials using the plastic figures from Gripping Beast.

  2. Thanks Derek.

    I hope to pick up a box of GB Saxon Thegns and a box of GB Dark Age Warriors at Claymore. These will supply almost all of a Saxon force. I need to find a few mounted figures.

    I have most of a British force completed using Wargames Factory Saxons and a lot of modification.

  3. I have a fair selection of Wargames Foundry Arthurian/Late Roman cavalry if you want to look at them Would do you a reasonable price.

  4. Thanks again Derek.

    I will keep your offer in mind.

    I was hoping to find some plastic figures even if they need modified but I don't really know what is out there.