Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fantasy Basing

I've always fantasied about writing my own fantasy rules (again).

If I had a terrain system I maybe would do so again.

What's this? Oh, it's hex shaped and about 100mm across, and covered with static grass. This could be handy if I had a few of them!

Oh, I do have a few more of them. This could get interesting.

This soldier lad looks like he needs some company.

Here they are! Come on lads, get into line.

That's better, eyes front!

It would be better if you lads could stick together then I wouldn't have to pick you up one at a time when I want you lot to move somewhere else.

What's this. It's not a hex although its got some of that static grass stuff on it.

Hey, get off that, you'll find your base stuck to it.

That's it, monkey sees, monkey does.

Wait a minute, you all fit on there, nice and neat! Now turn around.

That's it, you all turned together and stayed nice and neat.

Hang on a sec', what's that little hole at the back for?

Oh, I get it, these little red cubes fit in just nicely.

I wonder what they are for?

Right you lot, turn together until you can't see me.

That's fine, now turn again until you can all see me.

That's not quite what I mean't but never mind. I've got some thinking to do! Dismissed!!


  1. Interesting Jim.On the way to a most elegant solution...

    1. I'm hoping it will be.

      These figures are on 20mm square bases. I need a similar solution for 25mm bases, then there are round bases and hex bases and just plain awkward bases.